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When Deiva Thirumagal’s trailers were out, they resembled the scenes of Hollywood flick “I Am Sam”. It is true that the film has drawn inspiration from the Hollywood film but it is a daring attempt by director Vijay to handle such an off-beat storyline.
Krishna (Vikram) is a mentally challenged person and has the mental ability of a five year old. He works at a chocolate factory near Ooty .Unfortunately, his wife Banu dies when she gives birth to their daughter Nila (Sara) and he strives hard to bring up Nila in the best possible way. When Nila is five years old, she is suddenly abducted by Shwetha (Amala Paul) and her father Rajendran (Sachin Khedekar). It is later known that they are the sister and father of Banu respectively. Krishna approaches a lawyer Anuradha (Anushka) and her assistant Vinod (Santhanam) to get back his daughter while Rajendran approaches a leading lawyer Bashyam (Nassar) to retain Nila with him. The rest of the story tells us what happens to Nila and who takes care of her thereafter.
Vikram as a mentally challenged person and a helpless father has surpassed everyone’s expectations. This film is another feather in the cap for Vikram who has yet again showed us that he is one of the finest actors in Tamil film industry. Sara as the little daughter steals the show with her cute expressions. Anushka as a struggling lawyer is quite brilliant in her role. Santhanam has provided comic relief without deviating from the main plot. Amala Paul has very little scope to perform while seasoned actors Nassar, Y. Gee. Mahendran and M.S.Bhaskar have acted effectively.
G.V.Prakash Kumar’s music is really a boon to the film and Nirav Shah’s cinematography has captured Ooty in an exquisite manner. Director Vijay has handled a strikingly different storyline successfully and must be hailed for that.
Deiva Thirumagal is a heart-melting movie made for the child inside everyone of us. The movie will give you inner happiness and you can come out of the movie hall with a big smile for watching a classic film.

VIKRAM : He is the PITHAMAGAN in acting . One can give accolades VIKRAM with the Crown for his acting skills. Yes Vikram  is the right person to acquire the Acting skill Olympic torch from the Legend Kamal , who had got that precious one from the late Legend Shivaji Ganasen ! We can’t imagine none other than Vikram in that role..Yes he is a NAVARASA NAYAGAN..In the first frame of the film, I was really shocked by seeing Vikram's characterization. How he could manage the image like this for a whole film..? But after watching his extraordinary performance in one stage I forgot about Vikram and after that my mind got accommodated that , He is not Vikram , He is Krishna ..I can’t write like this, TOP FIVE SCENES OF VIKRAM'S ACTING because in each and every scene , Vikram lives as Krishna..Vikram's body language, his dialog delivery, facial expressions, are the three major plus points for that character..None could find out any artificial expressions or over acting of Vikram during the full course of the film..He delivers natural act frame to frame..The tears rolling from the eyes of  every audience are the real gift for Vikram's performance in this film..Vikram 's wonderful performance had disturbed my sleep for two nights..I find no other words to describe his performance in this film..

I have seen Deiva Thirumagal (DT) today.. Lovely Film to watch and never expected that from Vikram.  Though the story is inspired from the movie "I am Sam", the screenplay was modified and well scripted for Indian audience. One thing that keeps on kindling my mind was   WILL VIKRAM PERFORM LIKE SEAN PENN (male lead of IAM SAM)??

And I got the answer today. Yes he did. He acted in such a way that no one can say him that he has overacted. The chemistry with Vikram and little Sarah is like original daddy and the daughter. When the story starts at flashback the scene when the little baby says APPA to Vikram,  NO WORDS TO SAY. I wiped the tears in my eyes and the song moves every heart in the theater.

At the beginning, the story was going a bit slow and later after the flashback movie is back to form. Another main best thing about the movie is character choosing. Anushka, Santhanam, Naasar and the 4 friends of Krishna (Vikram). Simply Super!!!

Coming to the climax scene there is no word to say how it is. The theme music drives the audience.  G.V. Prakash totally won all the hearts in the theater.  Music when Vikram and Sarah speaking through actions would definitely bring tears into every hearts. I was unable to control my tears. Naasar's reaction  while talking to judge after seeing Vikram's action was the DIRECTOR TOUCH. ULTIMATE ONE!!

On the whole I could see the tremendous efforts  of Vijay & Vikram. Must watch movie and no one can ever say the film is boring. AWESOME is not the enough or relevant word to explain Vikram's acting. Chiyaan's acting would lead the Tamil cinema to next level. He is truly an inspirational man. Vijay's performance we have already seen in MADARASAPATINAM. In this movie he has shown it again.

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